It is 2413, and mankind has sent out sleeper ships to populate the universe. These ships were intended to be a one way ticket to a new life away from the desolate lands of Earth, where nuclear war decimated the population and the landscape three hundred years ago.

New technologies were developed for this, including the particle fusion core. This was meant to replace the internal combustion engine in cars, but the technology could only be scaled down so much before it became unstable. However, this core put out a tremendous amount of power, and it was the Zoids that were the first practical use of the technology.

With the particle fusion core, now dubbed the Zoid Core, Zoids have become the most prominent method of travel. This meant that the cities that grew on these new worlds were spaced out to incorporate these massive beasts.

On planet Romulous, little is known of what happened to the other four sleeper ships, but life must go on. Their ship had nearly one hundred million people when it landed, though about twenty thousand could not be revived from cold sleep. Two hundred years later, the planet had just over half a billion residing there. These people had spread over most of the continent.

The constitution for the new world has kept the government small, mostly by stating that the government would only have one source of income, a 5% income tax, which could not be altered in any way shape or form and would be divided equally between the city, state, and federal governments. This kept interference of the government to a minimum. As such, people often were required to take care of themselves when bad things happened. This lead to allowing people to purchase virtually any weapon they wanted. Things took a turn for the better with the invention of the force field generator, which protected most buildings from harm if a battle between Zoids broke out in the city. These battles were rare, as most Zoids could easily be tracked. However it was not uncommon for Zoids to battle on the outskirts of a town, as local law enforcement never got involved if there were no complaints. It was thought that these battles would eventually subside once there were virtually no unlawful items, however there were still some items and services that could be sold to support the criminal class.

With the government looking to cut as much expense as it could, it lead to the rise of private investigation bureaus across the land. They were commissioned to handle various jobs from both government and private sectors. These jobs could range from escort and bodyguard missions, to investigations into criminal syndicates. There was one law that pertained only to these groups, no group could have more than one hundred detectives at any one time, and no group could consort with more than one other group without government approval. This was done in an effort to make sure that these groups could never have a percentage of power equaling that of the Pinkertons in the early twentieth century.

This is the story of one group in particular.

Battle of the Metallic Beasts

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