Battle of the Metallic Beasts

The First Mission

Private Investigation Bureaus are hired out for many things, including federal investigations, bounty hunting, body guarding, and loss prevention escort duty. Most of the time these men are on the road, and it is very true; you will go for days or months in boredom only to experience a few seconds of shear terror.

A group of men have banded together to form The Simon Tech Company, a PIB that is equipped to handle most situations or difficulties. They are a relatively new outfit, but a couple of its members are already known to be highly skilled Zoid pilots. Their first contract is with De’Lawrin Enterprises for loss prevention escort duty. They will travel west from their base of operations in Junpey to the small mining town of Be’Lone, and escort a gustav hauling unfinished emeralds to their refinery in New San Fransisco, approximately one thousand miles away. One in ten caravans have been attacked in the area in the past year, so De’Lawrin Enterprises wants The Riddleton Company to escort the load. They have promised continued future business and good recommendations to other companies if their cargo reaches New San Fransisco safely.


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